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Research Ethics Association hosts



A celebration of University of Exeter staff and students' commitment to research ethics, highlighting their work, exploring hot topics, and discussions on ethical practices in research.

Please Note: This is a closed event to the University of Exeter community and Research Ethics Association Members.

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Research Ethics Association hosts

University of Exeter


Date: Throughout July - September 2024

Time: Various times

Location: University of Exeter, UK

Registration: Free for all University of Exeter staff and students and REA members.

Streatham Campus, University of Exeter

Showcase Highlights

The Research Ethics Association is delighted to partner with the University of Exeter to host a fantastic event celebrating the vital contributions of staff and students in the realm of research ethics. This showcase, generously funded by the University of Exeter and Research England, aims to spotlight the innovative practices and exemplary standards upheld across all disciplines.

Running from July to September, this showcase aspires to showcase interdisciplinary dialogue and collaboration, highlighting the importance of ethical considerations in research. All university of Exeter staff and students will have the opportunity to engage in a variety of activities, including workshops, panel discussions, and a poster gallery, all designed to facilitate knowledge sharing and inspire best practices in research ethics.

Some details of this event:

  • This event is funded by the University of Exeter, Research England and the Research Ethics Association.

  • This event is open to all University of Exeter staff and students with some elements open to the general public 

  • REA members are able to attend panel discussions and to submit a poster.

Call for Poster Abstract Submissions: Showcasing Research Ethics at the University of Exeter


We are excited to announce a unique opportunity to showcase research ethics at the University of Exeter. We invite submissions from all members of our academic community, including undergraduates, postgraduate taught students, postgraduate researchers, early career researchers, academic staff, and professional services staff. This event aims to celebrate and highlight the diverse perspectives and work related to research ethics within our university.

Poster Themes and Topics
We welcome posters on a wide range of topics related to research ethics, including but not limited to:

  • Empirical research on ethical practices

  • Theoretical explorations of ethical principles

  • Case studies highlighting ethical dilemmas and resolutions

  • Personal experiences with ethical challenges in research

  • Opinion and thought pieces on current ethical issues in academia

  • Comparative studies on ethical standards across disciplines

  • Innovative methodologies for ensuring ethical compliance

  • Reflections on the ethical implications of research outcomes

  • Ethical considerations in interdisciplinary research

  • Reports on the implementation of ethical guidelines and policies

  • Reviews of ethical issues in historical and contemporary contexts

  • Ethical challenges in the use of technology and data in research

Submission Guidelines

  • Online Display: Posters will be displayed on the Research Ethics Association website from July to September. Once submitted, posters will be uploaded onto the website as they are received.

  • Physical Display: Poster authors will have the opportunity to display their posters in the Forum from 23rd to 27th September.


Poster Format:

  • Online Submission: PDF format.

  • Physical Submission: Maximum size of A1. We encourage innovative ideas and novel ways of display and presentation.

All members of the University of Exeter community, including undergraduates, postgraduate taught students, postgraduate researchers, early career researchers, academic staff, and professional services staff.

Submission Deadline:
Please submit your poster abstract by 2nd September 2024.

Poster Printing:
Poster presenters are responsible for printing their posters at their own cost. Physical posters can be brought on the day of display or given to Warren Speed (Office NC20, St Luke's Campus) a few days prior to the display period.

How to Submit

Please submit your poster abstract and upload your poster using the submission form. Your submission should include:

  • Your name and affiliation (e.g., undergraduate student, academic staff)

  • A brief abstract of your poster (up to 400 words)

  • Your poster in PDF format

  • Contact information

Important Dates

  • Abstract Submission Deadline: 2nd September 2024

  • Online Poster Display: July - September

  • Physical Poster Display in the Forum: 23rd - 27th September


For any questions or further information, please contact or



Learn how to create a and start podcast (ethically!)

Workshop Host: Rebekah White, University of Exeter

Date: 9th July 2024

Time: 10:00am

Location: Institute of Arab and Islamic StudiesI Building LT1 - LT1

Image by Austin Distel

Abstract: Have you ever wondered how to create a great podcast, wanted to be interviewed about your own research, or are interested about what goes on behind the scenes? Step into this interactive workshop to learn the fundamentals of beginning a show, speaking engagingly, preparing for an interview, and tips for editing an episode. Ethical podcasting (i.e., accessibility, formatting, interview conduct) will also be discussed in context of the REA framework.


You will even have the opportunity to create content for the Research Ethics Podcast by interviewing or being interviewed at the end of the workshop (optional) to disseminate your research right here, right now.

Follow the Yellow (Lego) Brick Road to Ethical Research

Workshop Host: Dr Karen Kenny, University of Exeter

Date: 5th July 2024

Time:n 10:00am

Location: The Forum - Seminar Room 01 /Forum


Abstract: This interactive workshop will use the Lego® Serious Play® (LSP) method to develop ideas for an ethical framework which could support PGRs and ECRs as they work through the ethical implications of their research.. Participants will work both individually and  collaboratively, through a serious of challenges. These challenges will be devised to lead towards the overarching objective of the session “to highlight the value of adopting an ethical stance at all stages of the research process”.


The facilitator will set build challenges, and participants will be given a brief time to build a model representing their response to the challenges. upon completion of the task, participants will be asked to share the story of their own model, and the group will collectively explore each model, before reflecting upon what has been created and seeking deeper insights. As the workshop progresses the participants work through development of Lego skills via various new challenges, using bricks as metaphors and storytelling before addressing the development of the ideal tutoring structure. 

Outcome of workshop: By the end of this workshop participants will have collaboratively developed their understanding of what an ethical framework could look like. Through discussion, they will have appraised options, and identified ideas which they can then apply to their own contexts.

Panel Discussions


We are excited to announce our upcoming Research Ethics Panel Discussion scheduled for July 2024, featuring a diverse range of expert speakers. Among them is an industry professional with extensive experience in high-risk ethical decision-making, particularly in international collaborations. Formerly a detective in a specialised unit, their insights into applying ethical principles in challenging environments promise to provoke insightful discussion.

Also joining us is an education academic with unique perspectives gained through interactions with medical professionals. Her experiences navigating ethical dilemmas in medical decision-making, especially concerning decisions that may not align with familial interests, provide a thought-provoking perspective on ethical considerations in practice.

This interactive session invites attendees to engage in dynamic exchanges with our panellists, exploring real-world challenges and innovative ethical solutions. Whether you're a student, faculty member, or an interested member of the public, we welcome you to join us for this enlightening discussion on research ethics.

Stay tuned for further details on how to participate and interact with our panellists. Save the date and be part of this important dialogue.

Date to be confirmed 

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