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Research Ethics Association News

Empowering Ethical Research: The Centre for Applied Data Ethics at UK Statistics Authority

The Centre for Applied Data Ethics (CADE), established by the UK Statistics Authority in 2021, offers guidance, advisory committees, and resources to promote ethical data usage in research and statistics.

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Ethical Dilemmas Emerge as UK Schools Confront Reinforced Autoclaved Aerated Concrete (RAAC) Crisis

UK's RAAC crisis in 147 schools sparks ethical debate on duty of care, transparency, resource allocation, long-term health effects, and community trust in education. Ethical standards are paramount.

Research Ethics Association Progresses Towards Charitable Status

The Research Ethics Association eagerly advances towards charitable status, finalising its constitution. Grateful for past support, REA invites individuals for governance roles, seeks SIG convenors, and welcomes podcast contributions. Join us in shaping ethical research practices globally.

Rooted in Ethics: The Christmas Tree Conundrum

The Christmas tree debate, central to ethical living, pits artificial trees with a vast carbon footprint and lasting plastic impact against real trees contributing to deforestation. Conscientious choices involve seeking sustainable materials for artificial trees or supporting eco-friendly farms for real ones, emphasising a winding trail of ethical reflection.

The Elgin Marbles and the Global Museum Ethics Dialogue

The Elgin Marbles debate resonates globally, sparking conversations on cultural ownership and the ethical role of museums. A clash of historical narratives unfolds, challenging institutions to navigate preservation and responsibility.

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