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Welcome to the Research Ethics Association Resources Page! Discover a wide range of valuable resources to support your interest in research ethics. Whether you're preparing for a conference, seeking educational materials, or looking for useful tools, we've got you covered. Enhance your understanding and engagement with research ethics using these informative resources. Enjoy exploring!

Featured Resource

Oxford University Press


Philosophy in Focus: Race

Welcome to the Philosophy in Focus hub by Oxford University Press, emphasizing the exploration of key philosophical themes through their extensive publications. This featured resource highlights high-quality content focused on specific themes, with the current spotlight on Race. Expert authors delve into various topics, aiming to inform and stimulate debates using OUP's content. 

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Recommended Watching

Recommended documentaries, online videos, TV etc from the REA team, members and collaborators

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Resources for Schools & Teachers

REA designed resources to help support schools and teachers in the teaching of ethics 

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Recommended Listening

Recommended podcasts, radio and music from the REA team, members and collaborators

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