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About Us

The Research Ethics Association

Uniting Ethics Beyond Boundaries: Empowering Research Together

The Research Ethics Association (REA) brings together academia, industry, and local organisations across all disciplines with the aim of promoting and implementing cross-discipline research ethics, while contributing to ethical practice and research standards.

Our purpose is to champion and implement cross-discipline research ethics, contributing to elevated ethical practice and research standards. The REA is guided by a team of individuals spanning the United Kingdom comprising academics, doctoral researchers, professional services, as well as local and national organisations.

Originally conceived as a conference, REA was established in 2019 by a cohort of volunteer academics from the South West and Wales. This initiative arose from the imperative of cultivating an interdisciplinary response to ethical practice, transcending individualised approaches such as university committees and industry protocols. The success of the REC2021 online conference, which attracted over 500 attendees from 53 countries, highlighted the interest of academics, industry experts, and governmental bodies. This accentuated the urgency of perpetuating the project biannually and transitioning into a formal association.

Our aim is to involve academics, industry personnel, government and interested individuals in meaningful dialogues, nurturing innovation, exploration, and the dissolution of confines that constrict our understanding of ethics, ethical research, and ethical practices. The REA is your gateway to ethical research practices across disciplines.


Our mission is twofold: to promote, advocate for, and facilitate ethical research, while also bridging academia and industry for cross-disciplinary collaboration. The REA sparks dialogue, heightens awareness, and encourages positive engagement with research ethics on a global scale. Through activism, advocacy, and interdisciplinary exchange, we challenge norms and embrace a responsible, multidisciplinary approach to research ethics. Join us in shaping an impactful and ethical research culture.

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Our Charitable Aim

The object of the CIO is to promote, advocate for, and facilitate ethical research practices and considerations across diverse disciplines and 
perspectives. As an independent collaborative initiative, the REA aims to provide a platform for meaningful education, dialogue, awareness, and 
positive engagement with research ethics within the education, academic, and research community, including charities, not-for-profit and non-governmental organisations. Through activism, advocacy, and interdisciplinary exchange, the REA seeks to transcend conventional 
institutional and procedural norms, promoting a multidisciplinary approach to ethical research practices.

Our Vision 

The Research Ethics Association envisions a global paradigm shift where individuals and institutions across academia, industry, and beyond are deeply engaged in critical thinking and dialogue regarding research ethics, transcending conventional institutional norms and positively adopting a culture of ethical inquiry and practice that permeates diverse sectors and disciplines worldwide

Our Mission 

To promote and cultivate a global culture of ethical research practices that transcends conventional institutional norms, adopting interdisciplinary dialogue and proactive engagement across academia, industry, and diverse sectors. Through advocacy, education, and collaboration, we aim to empower individuals and institutions to uphold the highest ethical standards in research, thereby contributing to positive societal impact across nations and disciplines.

Our Values

  1. Ethical Integrity: We uphold the highest standards of ethical conduct in all aspects of research, guided by principles of integrity, honesty, and transparency.

  2. Collaboration: We adopt collaboration and interdisciplinary exchange to advance ethical research practices, recognising the value of diverse perspectives and expertise.

  3. Advocacy: We advocate for the importance of research ethics and its integration into academic, industrial, and societal frameworks, promoting awareness and proactive engagement.

  4. Diversity and Inclusivity: We embrace diversity and promote inclusivity within the research community, valuing the contributions of individuals from varied backgrounds and perspectives.

  5. Innovation: We encourage innovative approaches to addressing ethical challenges in research, promoting continuous improvement and adaptation to evolving ethical landscapes.

  6. Education: We are committed to providing educational resources and opportunities for individuals, organisations and institutions to enhance their understanding and implementation of research ethics.

  7. Impact: We strive to make a positive impact on the global academic and research community by promoting ethical research practices that contribute to meaningful societal outcomes across nations and disciplines.

REA Co-founders

Meet the Research Ethics Association co-founders.

REA Governance

Meet the Research Ethics Association co-founders.

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