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Exclusive Offer: Research Ethics Association Members Eligible for 30% Discount from Oxford University Press

REA establishes a 30% discount for members with Oxford University Press.

Exclusive Offer: Research Ethics Association Members Eligible for 30% Discount from Oxford University Press

Exciting news for members of the Research Ethics Association! In a special collaboration, REA has partnered with Oxford University Press to offer its members an exclusive 30% discount on OUP publications.

This unique opportunity provides REA members with significant savings on a wide range of scholarly books and journals from one of the world's most prestigious academic publishers. Whether you're conducting research, studying, or simply passionate about expanding your knowledge, this discount opens the door to a wealth of valuable resources at a discounted rate.

"We're delighted to announce this partnership with Oxford University Press," says Warren Speed, co-founfer of REA. "Our members are dedicated to upholding ethical standards in research, and this collaboration with Oxford University Press allows us to further support their academic pursuits by providing access to top-quality publications at an exclusive discounted rate".

To take advantage of this offer, REA members can simply visit the Oxford University Press website and enter the special promotional code provided by the REA. This code unlocks the 30% discount on all eligible purchases, making it easier than ever for members to access the latest research and scholarship across various disciplines.

"We're committed to empowering our members with valuable resources that enhance their academic and professional development," Warren Speed adds. "This partnership with Oxford University Press reinforces our dedication to providing tangible benefits to our members and supporting them in their research endeavours".

Don't miss out on this fantastic opportunity to access world-class academic publications at a discounted rate. Visit the REA website today to learn more about how you can become a member and unlock exclusive benefits, including the 30% discount from Oxford University Press. Join us in celebrating this exciting collaboration and take your research and scholarship to new heights with OUP and the Research Ethics Association.

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