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Research Ethics Conference 2023


REC2023 Welcome 

Welcome to the University of Bath for the Research Ethics Conference 2023 (REC2023). We warmly greet all attendees, presenters, and participants from around the world.

REC2023 is an exceptional gathering that brings together researchers, professionals, and experts committed to exploring the diverse dimensions of research ethics. We anticipate enlightening discussions, insightful presentations, and collaborative exchanges that will shape the conference.

The response to our call for abstract submissions has been overwhelming. We received thought-provoking contributions spanning various disciplines and research methodologies. The program offers a comprehensive range of sessions, including individual presentations, symposia, panels, and workshops.

At REC2023, our aim is to transcend the perception of research ethics as a mere compliance requirement. We strive to foster a deeper understanding of ethics as a fluid, complex, and continuous process inherent in every stage of research. Through interdisciplinary dialogue and collaboration, we seek to (re)explore the ethical dimensions of our work and redefine the role of ethics in research practice.

The conference program has been meticulously curated to showcase innovative strategies, best practices, and critical reflections on ethical considerations. It reflects a broad spectrum of perspectives, promoting inclusivity, cultural sensitivity, and awareness of power dynamics. By embracing diverse voices and insights, we aim to cultivate an environment where ideas thrive, boundaries are challenged, and new pathways for ethical research are forged.

As we gather for REC2023, we encourage active engagement in discussions, the exchange of experiences, and the formation of new collaborations. Together, let us shape the future of ethical research and practice, transcending disciplinary boundaries and embracing the transformative power of ethical awareness and responsibility.

We extend our heartfelt welcome to REC2023, hoping it becomes a catalyst for new discoveries, meaningful connections, and a profound reimagining of the ethical foundations underlying our work. Let us embark on this remarkable journey, united in our commitment to advancing research ethics for the betterment of society.

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Dr Maria Jose Ventura Alfaro
REC2023 Chair
REA Co-founder

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