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Session and Workshop Abstracts

Workshop 4A (W4A) - Abstracts

Problematizing the Ethics Process: An Anthrozoological Perspective

Hosted by: Jes Hooper, Michelle Szydlowski, Kris Hill & Sarah Heaney

Keywords: Animals in Research, Anthrozoology, Problematizing Ethics


Abstract: Anthrozoology is an emergent field concerned with the study of human-animal interactions and relationships. As an emergent interdisciplinary field, Anthrozoology is in its infancy regarding methodological practice. For Anthrozoologists, research involves both human and animal as active participants and actors within ethnographic investigation. Concerned with the ethical implications of research beyond the human species, Anthrozoologists are often faced with navigating how to protect both human and non-human informants, and when to speak for animals. Anthrozoology therefore presents a unique lens through which to view current research ethics processes. Held by postgraduate researchers from Exeter’s Anthrozoology as Symbiotic Ethics (EASE) working group, the proposed workshop aims to problematize the Ethics Committee process in order to suggest solutions to better protect the interests of animal participants. 

Through the mode of a discussion forum, the attendees will be asked to share their own experiences of the Ethics Committee process whilst considering how the traditional ethics committee paradigm, as derived from the Biological Sciences, no longer adequately considers the nuances presented within animal related research. The workshop will conclude with a collaboration between participants and speakers in order to problem solve and propose alternative ways in which the Ethics Committee process can better address the concerns of animals involved in research. 


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