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Session and Workshop Abstracts

Workshop 2C (W2C) - Abstracts

The awareness of UK students in an intercultural communication context: identities, cultures, values, communication and friendship formation

Hosted by: Mona Helmi

Keywords:  Awareness of cultures, understanding identities, willing to communicate


Abstract: Cultural awareness is one of the most required knowledge in social science today because it allows individuals to witness the world through different lenses and explore the abundance of various cultures. Sias, Drzewiecka, Meares, Bent, Konomi, Ortega & White (2008) stated that research underpinning intercultural communication should serve in diminishing negative perceptions in individuals minds in order to build better communities. 

The main question in this workshop will be: Do students on campus need to be aware of others identities and cultures through books and other sources of information to diminish their negative perceptions about others or do they need to communicate on campus with international students to learn more about who they are and what their identities and cultures are? 

The workshop aims to discuss the UK host students who are studying at a university South West the UK and the degree in which they are aware of the importance of identities in a multicultural context. The workshop discussion is meant to unfold a number of factors such as the British host students’ degree of awareness of the intercultural communication position between them and international students. The workshop looks forward to reaching practical strategies and suggestions to foster intercultural communication on campus to have a well-rounded academic and social experiences for both host and international students. 

Mona A Helmi earned a master's degree from Newcastle University in Applied Linguistics and TESOL in 2015. In 2016, she moved to the University of Exeter to pursue her PhD. As a current doctoral researcher in Graduate School of Education, her research project underpins intercultural communication, focuses on the British Students’ understanding of identities and cultures. It also explores the British students' experiences and perspectives towards international students and their friendships formation. 

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