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Session and Workshop Abstracts

Session 4E (S4E) - Abstracts

GSE Ethics Special Interest Group Roundtable

Speaker(s): Alice Potter and Wafa Almulaifi

Keywords:  Ethical implications, challenges, dilemmas.


Abstract: Ethics in research is a diverse and important topic. While research is incredibly broad, there are commonalities that span many research topics regarding ethical practice. These might include the challenges of working with young people or other vulnerable groups, gaining meaningful consent, and ensuring accessible dissemination practices.For example, collaboration is one of the ethical issues that may be faced throughout any study. Therefore, as researchers, we should make sure that our positions or experiences in the field do not affect the study agenda by imposing our political and economic ideas on participants. Researchers should also avoid devaluing stakeholders’ work or letting participants think of them as their saviours. As researchers, we should clarify to all participants that we intend to investigate problems and help stakeholders find solutions.

The Graduate School of Education Ethics Special Interest Group invites you to our roundtable discussion. This session will be an opportunity to share ethical successes and challenges that we have encountered in our research.

This session is aimed at anyone with a research interest; this might include novice and experienced academic researchers, practitioners, or anyone else with interest. We invite participants to share current or past research projects and reflect on their practice in discussion with colleagues.

Exeter University is a multi-national and multi-cultural institution; thus, this session offers the opportunity to discuss ethical practice from an international perspective and the particular challenges this affords.

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