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Recommended Papers

Welcome to the Ethics Association's curated collection of recommended journal papers. This valuable resource is a collaborative effort, featuring selections from REA members and the broader academic community.


We're always eager to expand this collection. If you have a journal paper that you believe deserves a place in this repository, we invite you to contribute. Please email us at with the paper's details and a brief explanation of why you recommend it. Your contributions are vital to our mission of advancing ethical scholarship and dialogue.

Name of Paper
Reflecting on three creative approaches to informed consent with children under six
Loreain Martinez-Lejarreta, Kate Wall, Caralyn Blaisdell, Ioanna Palaiologou
British Educational Research Journal
Doing sensitive research: what challenges do qualitative researchers face?
Dickson-Swift, V., James, E. L., Kippen, S., & Liamputtong, P
Qualitative Research
Institutional Ethics Challenges to Sex Work Researchers: Committees, Communities, and Collaboration
Monique Huysamen and Teela Sanders
Sociological Research Online
How did we ever get into this Mess? The Rise of Ethical Regulation in the Social Sciences
Robert Dingwall
Ethics in Social Research
Un-ethical review? Why it is wrong to apply the medical model of research governance to human geography
Sarah Dyer and David Demeritt
Progress in Human Geography
Variation in university research ethics review: Reflections following an inter-university study in England
Claudia Vadeboncoeur, Nick Townsend, Charlie Foster, and Mark Sheehan
Research Ethics,
A Rose By Any Other Name Is Still a Rose? Problematizing Pseudonyms in Research
Maria K. E. Lahman, Katrina L. Rodriguez, Lindsey Moses, Krista M. Griffin, Bernadette M. Mendoza, and Wafa Yacoub
Qualitative Inquiry
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