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Conflicts of Interest Declaration for Research Ethics Association (REA)

Finance Officer

I, Warren Speed, hereby declare the following potential conflicts of interest in relation to my roles within the Research Ethics Association (REA):

Co-founder and Trustee: I serve as the co-founder and a trustee of REA, contributing to its establishment and governance.

Co-founder and Trustee - Maria Jose Alfaro Ventura: Maria Jose Alfaro Ventura is my joint trustee and co-founder in REA. Our collaborative efforts have been essential in shaping the organisation.

Finance Officer - Jessica Speed: Jessica Speed, who happens to be my cousin, holds the position of Finance Officer within REA. It is important to note that Jessica was appointed to this role based on her expertise and experience, and both Maria Jose Alfaro Ventura and I believe that her contributions significantly benefit the organisation.

In acknowledging these relationships, I affirm that all decisions regarding Jessica's appointment and involvement in REA have been made with the utmost transparency and in the best interest of the organisation. Any potential impact on objectivity or impartiality has been thoroughly considered, and steps have been taken to mitigate any conflicts.

I am committed to upholding the highest ethical standards in my capacity as co-founder and trustee, ensuring that the activities and decisions of REA are guided by integrity and a dedication to the promotion of research ethics.

Should any concerns arise regarding these relationships, I am fully open to addressing them transparently and taking appropriate actions to maintain the integrity of REA.

Warren Speed

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