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Research Ethics Conference 2023 - REC2023

REC2023: (Re)Framing Ethics

6th & 7th July 2023
University of Bath, UK

Welcome to REC2023

A welcome from the REC2023 chair, Dr Maria Jose Ventura Alfaro



Welcome back!


We are very excited to be hosting our second Research Ethics Conference. While adapting to the exceptional circumstances of the pandemic was no easy feat, we were encouraged by the success and wide interest of REC2021 and cannot wait to expand this to a two-day conference. 


The upcoming conference, REC2023: (Re)Framing Ethics, will be hosted by the University of Bath and is planned as a two-day Hybrid event, on the 6th and 7th July 2023. The first day will bring together industry workers, academics, civil servants, and more to open an interdisciplinary and inclusive conversation around the ever-present role of ethics in our work. This way, we wish to (re)explore ethics from a ‘tick box’ exercise to a fluid, complex, and continuous process that touches upon every stage of our research and work. On the second day, we will put this theory into practice by putting together an exciting new proposal: an ‘Ethics School’, whereby we will be hosting a range of workshops, activities, training sessions, and much more. 


Ethics has never been as important as it is now. The world we live in is changing at a dramatic pace and we must maintain rigorous and critical ethical practices of the research journey, across all disciplines throughout STEM and HASS. But what exactly is ethics and what does it mean to conduct ethical research? In order to explore this question, we are inviting stakeholders, academics, early career researchers, students, and civil servants alike to take part in this conversation. With this call for papers now open, you are encouraged to submit an abstract, paper, panel session, plenary, and workshops that convey your understanding of ethics within your disciplinary background, as well as any ethical dilemmas you may have encountered along your research journey and how you have navigated these dilemmas. 


We look forward to (re)thinking ethics together! 




Dr Maria Jose Ventura Alfaro

Chair of REC2023

Co-founder of REA

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About REA

The Research Ethics Association (REA) brings together academia, industry and local organisations across all disciplines with the aim of opening up and applying cross-discipline research ethics, contributing to ethical practice and research. REA is led by a team of people across the South West of England and Wales consisting of academics, doctoral researchers, professional services and local and national organisations. 

Originally established as a conference, the REA was founded in 2020 by a team of volunteer academics from the South-West and Wales. The initiative was born out of the need to institutionalise an interdisciplinary response to ethical practice, beyond micro responses in the form of university committees and industry protocols. The REC2021 conference, which took place Online, was a massive success hosting over 400 attendees from across 53 countries worldwide. The interest academic, industry workers and government organisations showed in taking part in this conversation heightened us on the urgency of continuing this project on a biannual basis, establishing ourselves as an association (processes still in placeassociation). We want to encourage academics, industry staff and government employees to be part of the conversation, innovating, exploring and breaking down boundaries that surround and stiffen our perception of ethics, ethical research, and ethical practice.

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